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Web Development

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We offer customized web design to enable our clients such as Faith based organization, School, NGOs, CBOs, Bolter, their online presence.

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Graphic Design

Today’s world require unique appearence and software that make such happen is expertly used by our team. This include designs for flyers, job adverts, forms, receipts, business cards, wedding cards, Certificates, Banners, calendar, etc

Computer Sales

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Access to digitization tool still demands access to timely information. Computers (desktop & laptop) and their paraphernalia are all available at our store.

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Our youth whilst at school/institution need a chance to explore practical skills and learn work cenuronemnt ot today’s world.

We offer this opportunity to students from certificate level to University offering ICT course/program


Connectivity through networks remains a changing aspect in all communication spheres. our work environment and technology cannot be left alone.

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Are you a School, Cooperative, College, hospital, youth center and NGO.

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Computer Repair & Maintenance

Tell them exactly what this service will do for them. 

As an electronic and software component computers are subject to faults, we offer timely rectification to any hardware or software problem your PC is facing and offer Technical advice when required

Your Dell, Hp, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba of both Laptop and Desktop and supporing. OS windows and Ubuntu with professional price suite our utility application installation


Still and Video

Every Moment has to be memorized and at Adisoft we feel we should play our part and support you; passport photos, Album, Frame, magazines and any event (Marriage, wedding, Parties. etc). We got you covered.

Our still photo team are ready to do their best that will exceed your expectation.

IT Consultancy

Experts technical and professional support is how we define consultancy.

Training in IT such as Computer, Office Application, Software packages , digital forms, digital meetings, call centre virtual designs, among others.

We offer support in training in IT related contents including Usage, Networks, Interface, Web Development and Hardware.

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